Creative Chat

1. Quickly introduce yourself to us. Who are you and what do you do?

A. Hi, I am Arpi! I am a self-taught graphic + website designer and business blogging strategist. My passion lies in helping new business owners with meaningful branding and effective website design that engage their audience, sets their brand apart and ultimately lands them more business. In this process, I equip my clients with the best business strategies, which include social media marketing and content marketing. I have been doing branding and website design since 2010. My mission for my business is to produce the highest quality work for every client, on every project. When I’m not busy designing, you can find me on inspiring my readers to turn their passions into a business they love and build strong & successful brands online.

2. What are your creative passions? What do you just love to dive into and get lost in?

A. I am super passionate about helping women through design and brand identity. I love talking to them and helping them out with brand identity for their small businesses. I narrowed my niche even further and now helping only new business owners and bloggers cause I feel they are the ones who need real direction as they venture out on their own. When I started off, I did not have anyone to tell me anything about branding or blog strategies which catered specifically for my audience. I had to figure it all on my own. Now, I want to be that extended hand that new business owners can come to and ask questions and talk to me about their concerns. After doing a small research-based survey, I even bought down my prices cause I learnt that new business owners cannot afford designers and developers who charge way more than their budget. I spend most of my time talking to new business owners in understanding their direction and vision for their brand. I guide them through their journey as their business bestie. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing my clients chase their dreams without fear or lack of purposeful strategy holding them back.

3. Why does creativity matter to you and how do you make time for it?

Creativity plays a huge role in my business and brand. It means everything to me! As a designer, creativity is in my blood. Whenever I see a menu card in a restaurant or look over at a billboard, my very first thought would be, the font looks great! or I’d say “I love the color palette”. Sometimes my Husband just wonders how do I notice all this. haha! I make sure I do a lot of things to be in tune with my creative side, some of them are breading books or just looking at other designers and really studying the design or if I am really bored, you will find me on Pinterest looking for inspiration. Sometimes, I watch a movie. Oh! talking about movies, I recommend that every designer watch these two movies, Helvetica and Art & Copy. My design through flow changed after watching these two movies. Whenever I get an idea I just take a screenshot or write it down on Evernote.

As a designer, creativity is in my blood.

4. What does your creative process look like?

My creative process is extremely simple. I talk to the potential client first to see if we are a good fit. It is important for me as it is for them to find out if we are made for each other. Then I ask them to fill up a questionnaire which is then followed up by a call with questions. [connect homework sentence with this properly]I give them homework and learn more about their vision and dream and ask them the right questions so that they can help me create a meaningful and purpose-filled brand identity which is tailor-made for them. What is learnt from this is, it is really important to make the client talk and communicate to you about their vision and dream for their business, cause only then you will know what is in their mind and be able to create a meaning brand for them.

5. Sometimes, creatives get stuck or blocked and struggle to create. Has this ever happened to you? What happened?

Yes! This happens to me more than once in a day! Let’s be honest, we are all humans and not unicorns [even though we want to be them in our heads]. Whenever I get stuck in a rut, I just move away from my computer or whatever I am doing and try to do something entirely different like talk to my mom or just play a video game or go for a walk or even cook/bake my favourite meal. This helps me refocus my energy into something that takes my mind off creativity and just be a human and then when I get back, I am totally charged with new ideas. I know this might not work for everyone, all you got to do is figure it out helps you copy up that block. Sometimes, I just don’t have choice but create and not waste time. At these times I just make myself a caramel latte and put on my workout music and 5 minutes timer and get going. Most of the time this works for me and I just tend to ignore the timer since I am already in the productivity mode.

6. How did you push past this block and get back to creating?

Just take a break from creativity and engage yourself in something totally different or just take power nap, it helps for me! If you don’t have a choice and the task is time bound, just follow the 5 minute rule and get your productive mode ON!

7. What advice would you have for other creatives who afraid to create or who struggle to find time, motivation, or inspiration to create?

I know the feeling, it is so hard to be motivated and inspired as a business owner. Over the years, I realised that only I can be my own motivator. I read a ton of motivational quotes and surround myself with motivating people. If I don’t push myself who will? I also have a desktop wallpaper which has all my dreams (dream place to visit, dream house, dream car etc. etc.) I sometimes stare at it and get lost. Haha! Money is a motivator, I at times think, if I write this blog post, I will generate leads and then they can get converted and become my clients and then I can buy something for myself. I don’t know if anyone does that, but I sure do and it helps me. But the bottom line is, you got to pick yourself up and do what you are passionate about. Sometimes that very passion can be the driving force behind the work you do and your creativity.

If I don’t push myself who will?

8. Where can we find out more about you and connect with you?

You can find me out more about me at You can reach out to me via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or just direct message me at I’d love to hear from you and stay connect!!!