5 Easy Sewing Projects to Upcycle and Restyle Old Clothing

5 Easy Sewing Projects to Upcycle and Restyle Old Clothing is part of Upcycle Clothes Easy – Sharing is Caring Pinterest92 Facebook0 Twitter Google+0This post may contain affiliate links This post is by guest author Alex Moore… scroll down to know more about him Thanks Alex for contributing to My Handmade Space With the year quickly passing by it’s easy to get caught up in the doldrums of relaxing and unwinding before the weather changes all over again If you want to keep up on your hobbyist skills, however, now is a great time to hop back into your passions and spend a little time honing them! Whether you’re already an experienced seamstress or just need a handful of ideas to nudge you down the path to creativity, here are five simple sewing projects to get you on the road to your next masterpiece What You Will Need Before beginning it’s important to take stock of your available sewing space, materials and even your skills Knowing the limitations of your budget and your abilities is key in taking measured steps towards sewing proficiency Make sure you’ve got a quiet place to work, with plenty of space to stretch out your projects, and sewing accoutrements to ease the process You can complete these projects by hand, but a sewing machine will speed you up a fair bit even if you’ve never used one before It’s also important to choose the right machine, as your grandmother’s antique machine is not an option If you’re looking for the best sewing machine for beginners, you need to make sure that it doesn’t have complicated features and is easy to learn how to use With that aside, here are five fun projects to turn your existing garments into brand new clothes and decorations alike! 1 Turn a Frumpy Dress into a Stylish Shirt! Kristin of Craft Leftovers shares her experience in turning an outdated thrift shop shirt into something current and fashionable It’s an easy project for all skill levels, as most dresses can simply be trimmed off above the hem, rehemmed, and converted into a blouse quite quickly Any shirt scraps left over can be easily converted into a fabric band to enhance the shirt’s fit, too! 2 Alternatively, Turn an Oversized Shirt into a Dress! Just don’t expect to turn your newly trimmed shirt from the first step back into a dress, because you’ll need a fairly large shirt to pull this one off! Starting with a large tshirt, you’ll want to mark the sleeves to find where your shoulder actually begins and resew them into a more flattering fit You could leave it at this point if you’d like a very simple job, but you can take it a step further and add elastic bands to get neat scrunching effects on the waistband and sleeves to really take it to the next level Don’t forget to consider some cute appliques! 3 Transform an Old Sweater into a Cute pillow For this one, all you’ll need is an old sweater, a pillow insert, some buttons and thread that matches your sweater It’s quite simple, and it makes a great holiday gift, too! Before getting into cutting, you need to fit and measure the material Afterwards, cut the sweater slightly larger on the back than the front to accommodate the pillow properly Essentially, you just pin the new squares together, sew them up, insert the pillow and then finish the seal off If you want, you can leave the bottom open so you can easily slip it on and off the pillow Feel free to add your buttons at this stage, unless you like how the pillow looks already The rest of the sweater can be transformed into other sewing projects, too 4 Prepare for the School Year with a Pencil Zipper Case If you want something smaller to practice on and prepare for the upcoming school year at the same time, you can knock two goals out at the same time with a homecustomized zippered pencil case If your child has an old blanket or a shirt they love but have outgrown, what better way to pay tribute than with a little upcycling If you can stitch lining material to a fabric and attach a zipper, you’ve already got all the skills necessary to construct a bit of custom school gear your kids won’t soon forget! 5 Turn a Men’s Dress Shirt into a Handy Apron Turning a shirt into an apron is not a difficult project at all, just make sure it’s not a shirt anyone’s currently using! Snag an XL men’s dress shirt and remove the sleeves and the back, making sure the hems are left intact for stability’s sake One of the removed cuffs becomes a pocket for the apron and strips of the back material are converted into the tieoffs to keep your apron on, and you’ve got a fully functional apron on the cheap! Use more of the back material for a ruffle along the bottom edge or leave it asis No exterior material except thread required! Conclusion As you can see, crafting something cute and new out of clothing and material you’d never use otherwise can save you money and give you unique pieces for your trouble Instead of plopping down a big stack of cash on a new dress, why not make one yourself You’ll get the exact style and fit you want at a crazy low cost, and best of all, you’ll be the only one with a dress exactly like it From there, you can take your new skills on to even handier sewing projects Simple, no About the Author Alex Moore Alex Moore is a passionate writer and a selftaught seamster who has always been fascinated with arts and crafts, especially sewing He has now proudly taken his sewing skills to various reputable publications where he contributes as much and as often as possible You can learn more about Alex on Twitter Sharing is Caring Pinterest92 Facebook0 Twitter Google+0

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